How to prepare for your newborn session


Here are some tips to prepare for your session.


You will be in the studio for at least 2 to 3 hours so come prepared to be here for a while!


I will be doing most of the baby’s handling so it is a good opportunity for you to enjoy a bit of a break and relax : ) 


Please bring any props or clothes you would like to incorporate to the session. If you don’t have anything don’t worry as I have a full selection of  nationally and internationally sourced props.


Please bring a lot of changes of nappies as well as wipes and some change of clothes for the little one. We are most likely to have a few accidents! : )


If mum and dad want to be in the photos please bring some plain clothes like a white or black singlet or t-shirt. Please refrain from busy patterns, big logos, and writing on t-shirts as this takes the focus away from the baby.


It gets really hot in here in the studio with the heaters on so please dress in layers. I mean it! it's going to be HOT! 


Give baby a feed just before you leave so hopefully he will fall asleep in the car and we can start straight away.


This is it!


I can't wait to have you guys here!






If you have any questions please let me know.


0437 120 613